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04/27/2015   USDA Clarifies Requirements for Transitioning Dairy Animals into Organic Production; Invites Comments on Proposed Rule
04/22/2015   Cranberry Producers to Vote on Marketing Order
04/20/2015   USDA Announces California Dairy Industry Outreach Meetings
04/15/2015   USDA Seeks Nominees to the National Dairy Board
04/15/2015   USDA Announces Record Number of Organic Producers in U.S.
04/14/2015   USDA Cites Bissett Produce Company Inc. in North Carolina for PACA Violations
04/14/2015   USDA Lifts PACA Reparation Sanctions on Arizona Produce Business
04/13/2015   USDA Appoints Members to National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board
04/09/2015   USDA Cites Al Harrison Company Distributors in Arizona for PACA Violations
04/08/2015   USDA Seeks Nominations for the National Organic Standards Board
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