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USDA Issues Tentative Final Decision on Am

AMS No. 275-06

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2006 -- The U. S. Department of Agriculture today issued a tentative final decision to amend the manufacturing (make) allowances contained in the Class III and Class IV product price formulas in all Federal milk marketing orders. The decision was based on the record of the first session of an emergency public hearing held in Alexandria, Va., on Jan. 24-27, 2006, and a second session held in Strongsville, Ohio, on Sept. 14-15, 2006.

The decision amends the manufacturing (make) allowances for cheese, butter, nonfat dry milk (NFDM) and dry whey. Specifically, this decision adopts the following increased manufacturing allowances: cheese -- $0.1682 per pound; butter -- $0.1202 per pound; NFDM -- $.1570 per pound; and dry whey -- $0.1956 per pound. These amendments are subject to producer approval before they can be implemented.

The tentative final decision will be published in the Nov. 22 Federal Register. Public comments are due 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, on Jan. 22, 2007.

For additional information about the decision contact:

Northeast: Erik F. Rasmussen
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 51478, Boston, Mass. 02205-1478
Tel. (617) 737-7199; email:

Appalachian: Harold H. Friedly, Jr.
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 18030, Louisville, Ky. 40261-0030
Tel. (502) 499-0040; email:

Florida and Southeast: Sue L. Mosley
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 491778, Lawrenceville, Ga. 30049
Tel. (770) 682-2501; email:

Upper Midwest: H. Paul Kyburz
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
Suite 210, 4570 West 77th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 55435-5037
Tel. (952) 831-5292; email:

Central: Robert E. Vander Linden
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 14650, Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66285-4650
Tel. (913) 495-9300; email:

Mideast: David Z. Walker
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 5102, Brunswick, Ohio 44212
Tel. (330) 225-4758; email:

Pacific Northwest and Arizona-Las Vegas: James R. Daugherty
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
1930-220th St., SE., Suite 102 Bothell, Wash. 98021-8471
Tel. (425) 487-6009; email:

Southwest: J. Richard Fleming
USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs
P.O. Box 110939, Carrollton, Texas 75011-0939
Tel. (972) 245-6060; email:
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