Marketing Orders
Hearing on Class III and IV Prices - Continuation  
Revised Class III and IV Proposals and Correspondence Submitted by December 20, 2006
National All Jersey, Attachments: 1, 2, 3, & 4

Submitted Class III and IV Product Price Formula Proposals

To assist in reviewing the proposals, Dairy Programs separated them by submitter type and major topics.

Submitted By Organizations/Companies:

De-coupling Class I and II from Class III and IV
Make Allowances
Yield Factors
Producers Cost of Production
Processors Cost of Production
Whey Price
National All Jersey [Attachments 1; Attachments 2; Attachments 3]
Protein Price
Class I and II Product Price Formulas
NASS Prices

Submitted By Producers:

Cost of Production
Carl Weidler - Palmyra, PA
Christ Miller - Paradise, PA
David Beachel - Dannville, PA
Denis Beachel - Dannville, PA
Donna Hall - Muncy, PA
Edwin Johnson - Airville, PA
Eleanor Long - Hershey, PA
Elwood Braund - Troy, PA
Eugene Weaver - Fleetwood, PA
Failropity Farms - Berwick, PA
Gail Moyer - Schylkill Haven, PA
Gary & Laura Isadore - Smethport, PA
Glenn Nulton - Tunkhannock, PA
Hal Drick - Allenwood, PA
Henry Esh - Ronks, PA
Hew Valley Farm - Montrose, PA
Hillview Dairy Farm Meshoppen, PA
Joanne Durland - Duhore, PA
Joseph Cochran - Westfield, PA
Kevin Brewer Wyoming County, PA
Linda Beachel - Dannville, PA
Melissa Beachel - Dannville, PA
R Leslie Risser - Middleburg, PA
Rohart Farms - Mercersburg, PA
Samuel King - Oxford, PA
Sylvan and Rachel Petersheim - Elizabethville, PA
Troester Dairy - Mifflenburg, PA

Esther Lambert - Frederick, MD
Ken and Donna Bachtel - Oakland, MD
New York
Brian Bicksler - Troupsburg, NY
Ervin Burkholder - Greenwich, OH
Mike and Kathy Stiles - Cottage Grove, TN

De-Coupling Class Prices
Ken Mummert - Chambersburg, PA

Low Milk Prices
Luke Verbyla - Benton, PA
John Blank - Kinzers, PA
Samuel J. Zook - Rebersburg, PA
Samuel S. Zook - Mill Hall, PA
William Gulick III - Laceyville, PA

Supply/Demand Pricing
Titus Petersheim - Mifflintown, PA

Quota System
New York:
Frithjof Carlsen - Nichols, NY

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