Agricultural Marketing Service
USDA Announces Final Decision to Amend the
AMS No. 139-05

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WASHINGTON, June 24, 2005 - The U. S. Department of Agriculture today announced a partial final decision that permanently adopts an amendment to the pooling provisions of the Arizona-Las Vegas milk marketing order that previously were implemented on an interim basis. This decision is based on testimony and evidence given at a public hearing held at Tempe, Ariz., on Sept. 23-25, 2003; reconvened at Seattle, Wash., on Nov. 17-21, 2003; and reconvened at Alexandria, Va., on Jan. 20-22, 2004.

This partial final decision permanently adopts an amendment to the Producer milk provision that would eliminate the ability to simultaneously pool milk on the Arizona-Las Vegas milk order when the same milk is already pooled on a State-operated milk order that has marketwide pooling.

The partial final decision will be published in the June 27 Federal Register. USDA will conduct a vote on the amended order to determine producer approval. If producers approve the order as amended by this final decision, a final rule will follow to implement these changes on a permanent basis.

Additional information about the decision may be obtained from James R. Daugherty at or by phone at (425) 487-6009.