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Hearing on Pacific Northwest and Arizona-Las Vegas Producer-Handlers - Comments  
Hearing Participants' Comments and Exceptions:
United Dairymen of Arizona, Shamrock Foods Company, Shamrock Farms Company and Dean Foods, Inc.

2. Benjamin F. Yale, Esq:

Mallorie’s Dairy, Inc.

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

Sarah Farms

Comments received by e-mail:
Email comments (numbers 1-12,201. To search "email comments": follow this link "Search All Comments", under "Search for" enter name or email address, then "Search".)

Written Comments Received by Mail:
Scanned postal comments (numbers 12,202 - 15,701. To begin scanned comments: follow this link "Search All Comments", under "Search for" enter "aalto" to access the 1st scanned comment, then "Search".)

Petitions (# of Signatures):
Edaleen [5,490 petitioners]
Mallorie's [5,415 petitioners]
Sarah Farms [15,362 petitioners]

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