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Hearing on Class III and IV Prices - Exhibits cont.  
Wednesday, May 10, 2000
Thursday, May 11, 2000
p.1: Monthly BFP at Test Prices versus the Final Decision’s Class III Values at BFP Tests
p.2: Bar Graph, Main Cheese-Producing States
p.3: CME Block & Barrel Price Difference Analysis
#30-A Difference per Hundredweight, Milk at Basic Formula Price Tests (Bar Graph)
Attachment 1: Milk Production Cost Index (California)
Attachment 2: Given Information
Attachment 3: Butter and Powder Yields (California)
Attachment 1: Class Butterfat Prices Using NASS Prices
Attachment 2: Determination of Equivalent Grade A Butter Price Series
Attachment 3: Importance of Cream from Standardizing
Attachment 4: Calculation of the Percentage of U.S. Butter Production Originating from Standardization
Attachment 5: Butterfat Test of Major Uses of Producer Milk
Table 2: Comparison of CME & NASS Butter Prices (Elvin Hollon)
1A – Cheese Price Comparison – New Federal Order Class III Prices vs Old
1B – Butter/Powder Price Comparison – New Federal Order Class IV Prices vs Old
2A – Handler Price Analysis – Pacific Northwest & California (Federal Order Prices as Announced)
2B – Handler Price Analysis – Pacific Northwest & California (Federal Order Prices using New Formulas)
3A – California manufacturing costs announced 2/8/00
3B – History of California Manufacturing Costs and Fortification Allowances
4A – Cornell USDSS Model-Generated Product Differentials
4B – Simulated Differential Values at Manufacturing Plants
5 – Whey Plant Study Summary – Tillamook County Creamery Association


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